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Not Music News...

So unrelated to anything music, GOOGLE found my blog!! Yea! I finally stop watching and look what happens!  Those little spiders hadn't seen anything I wrote since this blog was still various shades of ugly purple!  How embarrassing:

But now when I click on my Page Rank I can see the last time Google put my blog into their Rolodex of sites to tell people about when they search:
Does this matter?  In the grand scheme of things, probably not.  I'm sipping dubiously on the Kool Aid.  All of these tools that give you "insight" into how many people look at stuff and where exactly they're from is feels great.  But unless you're selling something specific and going to use the information to change the content of your site, it's really nothing more than a time suck... But suck away, because it's captivating!!


  1. Liz, you should use Google Analytics (if you aren't already). I use it to determine who my viewers are and where they are coming from.


    - Joe

  2. Oh, I do! I do! It's just funny how you think you're doing everything right (analytics, even a sitemap) and google still doesn't see you. Blogger is a google site, even!

    And MOST importantly... why do I care??

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