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Video Songs!

Ooooh!  I get it!! I wrote early about Pomplamoose and how they started this thing they called Video Songs. (A funny side note is that when you type "video song" into google, you get a link or so of Pomplamoose and then a ton of links to Bollywood songs.  I have this awesome image of the two being related.  But alas...)

Anyway, on their myspace page they've got a ton of subscribers, BUT only 3 subscriptions.  (I hope you're sensing the mysterious tone in my voice.)  Hmm.  Interesting.  So tons of people want see you, but you only care to see 3 people.  What could that possibly mean??  You guessed it!  VideoSongers! They are in the process of starting a movement.  A movement of 3!  Hear what you see and see what you hear in a video.  It's a good way to counteract the glossy, video-madness of today.  I like seeing (and showing!) what's under the hood. 

Get your head out of the gutter.

And stop clicking on my hyperlinks and navigating away from my page!

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