Welcome! Here you can read all about my songwriting quest. It follows my adventures in making and finding music that builds community and defies traditional music industry tenets. You can expect to find videos, photos, and musings about music that makes me smile, as well as insight about ways that musicians are skipping the middle men and singing right to the fans. Thanks for coming!


Cover: "Bien o Mal" by Julieta Venegas

Things I learned from making this 2 minute cover:
  1. Putting a video camera on a box doesn't mean you will automatically get your full head in the frame.  (This might have been a happy accident!)
  2. Trying to sync video from a Flip and audio from a ZoomH4 leads to approximately 4 extra hours of work.  However, it's not impossible.
  3. But it is impossible to do a silly cover video and not feel 12 years old.
  4. Despite the time it takes and the assured ridicule, it's fun to make silly videos.
  5. A fake drum solo will drown out most swearing.


  1. Muy bien!!! excelente pronunciación para no ser nativa. La canción en preciosa y tu versión me encanto.
    Besos desde Santiago, Chile.